iBates Designs

Work completed while employed at a full-time gig. Some people like to put pictures up for what they’ve done. I’ll simply list my tasks. This may be a longer version of what is listed on my resume.

Louise Blouin Media —–

Blouin Artinfo
– HTML/CSS Front end development for majority of the blocks and page layouts for the entire internationalized website (10+ languages) in all verticals
– Custom ad tag integration
– PHP Module creation/modification
– Custom PHP newsletter generator to streamline multiple newsletter processes to produce cross-client compatible templates on a daily basis
– Custom search engine front-end integration with Drupal framework
– Google Analytics multisite setup and variable integration

Blouin Artinfo Blogs
– HTML/CSS front-end theme update
– WordPress PHP development for multisite
– Network plugin creation
– Custom multimedia shortcode integration

Blouin News
– Full HTML/CSS framework for drupal development to implement

Blouin News Blogs
– WordPress – multisite layout, responsive, and network plugin creation for posts/comments.
– Multisite blog directory conditional listing
– Custom multimedia shortcode integration

Art Sales Index
– Full website layout
– Custom ad tag integration

Blouin Boutique
– Full front-end template for Geodesic software product
– PHP smarty template system

Other Information
– Various one-off email blasts for the company also hand-coded, or created with my template generator.
– Brightcove media player
– Served as one of the webmasters to facilitate new user setup, troubleshooting, and configuration of modules, themes, and user roles

Fox News —–

The Five
– Full responsive, HTML5/CSS3 framework for Drupal development
– 3 breakpoints with graceful degradation
– Many CSS3 properties utilized to translate the design to the web

Media Buzz
– Show page HTML/CSS layout

Other Info
– Sidebar module modification